Week 1
Creating a glog in Glogster

Adding a map to the Guest map

Week 2
Preparing yourself to record your voice with Audacity

Lame MP3 encoder

Uploading MP3 file to your Glog


How to upload an mp3 file to Podbean and publish it

Creating blog in Blogger / Adding pages

Week 3
Preparing Podcast for Publishing - exporting mp3 and adding id3 tags

Editing tools, effects and adding music to podcasts

MP3 Skype recorder

Embeding podcasts to blogs

Adding chart to a google document

Week 4



Adding information to pages in blogs

Adding banner to blog


Virtual Presents: Wall wisher

Tutorials from questions or doubts from participants
Showing Jeanne what content she should have in her blog

Resize a picture in blogger

Viewing a small glog in a blog (embed code)

Find MP3 Skye recorder files on your pc/laptop